A wa Akuma no A (One-Shot)

Good day, Readers!

Following my post on March 21, 2011, I had promised you a sequel of Youkoso Mystery Tour E. And a year and a half later, here’s the sequel I promised! It’s titled A wa Akuma no A, but I prefer calling it “The Devil” instead.

゚・♥:*:♬ ・。♪(◕ฺ‿◕ฺ✿ฺ)☆゚・*. ♫

Unlike the prequel, this isn’t a joint project. I worked on this all by myself, back to single-person-team like the old days when I first started FathskieScans =P

Therefore, please FORGIVE me for the lack of proofreader >.< Also because Kaor1 wasn’t here to clean the sfx and flip the pages, I figured I’d just go ahead and do it LEFT to RIGHT.

After this I could focus on Mr Fredward for 3 more chapters. AFTER it finished I’ll work on Minmin and also I’m planning to scan Yotsuba no Clover, but it’s still future project. Please let me know if this project is taken so I don’t offend the group scanlating them.

Download “The Devil”

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Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 9 Ch. 29

Christmas is here!!!

… No, Christmas is coming December ^,^ I meant X-mas is here because I brought you chapter 29!!!

… Not really ^^ I meant X-mas is here because that’s what Rosemary and the gang is having in chapter 29!! Yeahh… X-mas spirit on September!! ^o^ When else can we have that??

Hehehee sashiburi!! Long time no see,, haha I’m still alive and well ^.^ Since the theme is X-mas I used google a LOT so I hope I didn’t make any errors on the translation process. Also in this release I got a HUGE helps from Shizame and Ying who have done a wonderful work cleaning the pages MONTHS ago. It’s completely my fault for taking too long to translate it, no excuse.

There’s only like maybe 2 – 3 more chapters until this series comes to an end, pls keep reading and I hope to release a new chappie again in not very long period from now =D

Download Mr. Fredwards Duck Vol. 9 Ch. 29

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Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 8 Ch. 28


Finally it’s here!!

Just one more volume left to be scanlated!! ^o^

Yatta, naa~


Download Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 8 Ch. 28


Oh and also while you’re here, I already updated/ replaced chapter 27 with a better proofread chapter.

Please replace your downloaded file with the new one in my edited previous post.



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News on Tsuki no Umareru Yoru

Hi everyone!!

Good news for TnUY fans, it’s now continued!! Not by FathskieScans though, but it still up out there for your viewing pleasure ^^

Check it out at https://oxynclaire.wordpress.com/

Please do support her by giving feedback (or better yet,) joining her!! Starting a solo scanlation can be hard that can be at times, especially the first steps of the learning curve ^^;



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Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 8 Ch. 27


Finally I put it up!!!

I must remind you though, that this chapter doesn’t have proofreader =p

Will replace the chapter with the proofread version once available!

*)EDIT January 17 2012,

This version is the edited version, already with proper proofread.

Download Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 8 Ch. 27

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Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 8 Ch. 26

Phew finally it’s here!!!

Many thanks for Mr. Fredward’s fans who have been visiting my page frequently, I apologize for letting you down every single time you checked this page >,<

Also, if any of you have free time to help me clean some of the pages, please kindly let me know >,<

Next release will be MFD chapter 27!!

Download Mr. Fredward’s Duck Vol. 8 Ch. 26

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Minmin Vol.2 Ch. 4

Oh yaayy FINALLY it’s done!!!

Sorry for waiting! >,<

Download Minmin Vol.2 Ch. 4

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Tsuki no Umareru Yoru (Extra Story)

Hello everyone!

As promised, this is another chapter of Tsuki no Umareru Yoru which is also, regrettably, the last release of the series from us. Correct, that means this series is now dropped. Me and kaor1 had been discussing a lot about this series and whether or not to drop… but sadly it seems that this is the most plausible step to take at the time being. We sincerely apologize to the readers who’s been loyal readers to the series, I really hope some other group would pick it up again, if not now then some time in the future, because it’s fun to watch the plot unfold. On a side note, if anyone want to pick this up, I have the complete Indonesian RAW and will gladly scan them for you! =P

It’s been so much fun working together with you, kaor1, I hope we can hold a collaboration again next time!! Kudos to you, my friend!!

Download Tsuki no Umareru Yoru (Extra Story)

PS: This extra story proves that Tsuki no Umareru Yoru doesn’t belong to a Shounen-Ai genre!!

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Tsuki no Umareru Yoru Vol. 3 Ch. 14

Fathskie : Hello there!

Fathya    : Oh, hello

Fathskie : Long time no see!

Fathya    : XD

Fathskie : So… what took it so long, really??

Fathya    : First I wanted to say terribly TERRIBLY sorry for all the lackness of update >,<

Fathskie : Hmmm… about the right thing to say, I guess =P

Fathya    : *knocks fathskie’s head* I apologize, sincereley >,< not for the knock on your head, mind you, but for the readers… I kind of… ummm…. *eyes wander to the ceilings*

Fathskie : ….. you’re not good at making up excuses, are you? -,-‘

Fathya    : No no, definitely not good, I never good at making up excuses.

Fathskie : But you at least owe me some explanation!! I’m your editor, your face in public. You’re not the one they’re gonna smack on the head, I am!!

Fathya    : urmmm… well, things happened and… Arrghh just tell them I’m sorry for all the whole absence and that from now I’m back on the business again!!

Fathskie : *skeptical look* Are you sure….?

Fathya    : Not quite the same ^^;;; I mean, I’ll still make releases, but not as frequent as I did previously.

Fathskie : Why is that?

Fathya    : Just say I have other priorities.

Fathskie : -,-‘ you’re not really explaining anything

Fathya    : Lol what’s there to explain? It’s a hobby and I like it and I still gonna do it but in the same time I have other matters I have to take care of and I’m a one-man team that means I don’t get help in doing all this – well, in occasion I do, but mostly I did everything or almost everything myself – you should know, you’re my editor!!

Fathskie : Oh GOD you’re so loud… you hurt my ears….

Fathya    : SO WHY YOU ASKED?? AArrrghhh you drove me nuts!!

Fathskie : lol chill, man!

Fathya    : it’s “girl”

Fathskie : Okay, whatever. Girl! Anyway, I heard a nasty rumor.

Fathya    : Oh really? And what would that be, dare I ask?

Fathskie : I heard you’re dropping Tsuki No Umareru Yoru!!!

Fathya    : =D that’s not a rumor

Fathskie : It’s not..? O.o

Fathya    : No, because it’s the truth


Fathya    : Why do you look so surprise? It’s just naturally =/ I mean… It doesn’t even have a high rating and I wasn’t detecting a sign of hype from the readers… it has a HELL lots of SFX that needs to be cleaned, double job, really… And honestly, both me and Kaor1 kind of lost interest in the series (︶ε︶”)

Fathskie : Oh God… you’re so obnoxious… irresponsible… annoying… selfish b-

Fathya    : Okay that’s enough.

Fathskie : So what’s your plan after this?

Fathya    : Next release will be the last chapter of Tsuki no Umareru Yoru, it’s a sweet omake chapter, and both me and Kaor1 enjoyed editing it =D I think it’s good that we leave the series in a pretty much concluded arc, before the next arc. Everyone hated a cliffy… =/

Fathskie : What about the release *after* that??

Fathya    : As much as I know the MFD readers can’t wait for a new chappie,, but I’m planning to release another Minmin chapter first. I’m already finished like, 40 pages, and 30 more to go =/

Fathskie : Really?? O.o that long?? But usually you split the chapter…. why don’t you do it this time?

Fathya    : It’s a good chapter =D It’s almost like one-shot, everyone can read the chappie, even a non-minmin-reader. It’s full of everything you can ask from a fantasy story…. Dragons, prince and princess, dark wizard, a villain, a servant, a village that needs helping, elves, a treasure, etc etc. It’s my kind of story =D

Fathskie : Oh…

Fathya    : What’s up with that reply?

Fathskie : What reply?

Fathya    : That flat, un-enthusiast kind of answer? D:

Fathskie : Oh, no, nothing. It’s good if you enjoy a fantasy. Haha.

Fathya    : Suspicious…. *narrows her eyes and shooting glares*

Fathskie : Haha. In any case, you should get going and clean those pages so I can publish it in our FathskieScans website soon!

Fathya    : You’re trying to change the subject but I’ll take it. For now. Okay!! I’ll do it asap and then give it to you so you can publish it on the website or whatever. Che.

Fathskie : What’s up with that reply? D:

Fathya    : What reply?

Fathskie : That “che” part.

Fathya    : You’re crazy.

Download Tsuki no Umareru Yoru Vol. 3 Ch. 14

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Tsuki no Umareru Yoru Vol. 3 Ch. 13

Oii! So tiredd,,, I’ve been standing and walking all day >,< I even forgot for a few hours that today is a release date schedule!! =D

Hmm hmmm…. Ah, I’ll be unavailable next week, I have a vacation planned ^^

Anyway, here’s the download link:

Download Tsuki no Umareru Yoru Vol. 3 Ch. 13

Chaiya chaiyya! XD~

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